How do we try to help the environment?

To start this about what we are doing to help the environment we want to tell you how we think about this big subject. 

We believe that if everybody starts to think about what they can do to help the environment instead of look away from this big problem and also take some actions to make a progress. We would already there be on a great way to help our planet. But to start we have to look at ourself and see what we can do better.

Here is what we at The Cool Elephant do to make a difference.

We make our hoodies and t-shirts in Poland and every single process is made local in Poland. From the garments to the prints, even our sewing thread is produced in local Poland. Even if it costs us more to make sure that everything is made local it helps the environment because of a lot shorter transports. Instead of making our clothes outside Poland or even outside Europe.

When we make our hoodies and t-shirts we are not making 1000 pieces at the same time for a great reason. We make our products when there is demand and that helps the environment because then there is not as much waste of the garments, that it would have had if we make batches with 1000 pieces each time.

We are always looking for what we can do more to be better. 

By the summer we will have recycled plastic bags and hang tags to cut down the plastic waste. we would like more than many things to already have that by now. But everything is a process and also in this case we don't just want to buy in recycled plastic bags from another country because then our process with keeping everything local would fall apart. So we don't want to take a shortcut to make it look that we are helping the planet. But we want to ACTUALLY make a difference and be a good role model for both companies, factories and people.

/ TCE Team


Any questions our suggestions on what we can do more to help the environment? Please send us an email to